Unique wrap

Car wrapping will make your car unique. It’s a very popular thing amongst car lovers nowadays. Car wrapping will give your car a fresh look. An exclusive car deserves to be threaten exclusively. Appearance is everything! Car wrapping is the ideal method to give your car the elegant look that you want. We work exclusively with film developed for cars. That’s how we guarantee a perfect look for your car. The wrapping will be good for 5-7 years.

New Trends

Car wrapping will give your car an entirely new look. We can wrap your car in every desired color. Mat colors are very trendy nowadays. Also high gloss and metallic are very popular. SHIELD can provide all of these and give your car the unique, fresh look you want. Our car films are colorfast and UV resistant. Also removing the film is very easy.

For business and private

Car wrapping is possible for business as well as for private customers. We only use high quality materials when wrapping cars. This not only provides the best results, but also extends the durability of the film. That’s how we can assure you that we treat your car carefully. Car wrapping is getting more common in The Netherlands. When do we see your car?


A full car wrap provides lots of possibilities. Thanks to the quality of the film, car wrapping almost can’t be distinguished from painting. In the meanwhile SHIELD already gave many cars a unique transformation. The high quality film gives your car a unique look and provides a protection layer to your car. Do you want to style your car and bring a personal detail to it? SHIELD is the professional car wrapping company with endless possibilities. We create every look you wish for.

Custom price

Every car is unique, so is every price for car wrapping. The price depends on the type of film and car. SHIELD treats every car type. Do you want to restyle your car? Please contact us. We love to discuss all opportunities and give you advice for your car.